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How the energy scan works

You might just be wondering exactly how does an NES body scan detect your body’s energy fields?

After all, X-rays are easy to understand. So are MRIs. Both machines take a picture of your body, and you can see the results with your very own eye—your broken bones, water in your lungs…you can even see a map of your brain.

But a NES scan is entirely different. In fact, many find it almost unbelievable that the NES scanner can detect and show you any blockages within your body field.

So how can the NES scanner see your body fields?  The only interaction is counting to 10 via your computer microphone, or a hand scanner using your finger.

Your body creates its own electromagnetic fields and the NES scan look at these fields, fields we call body fields. We accomplish this by sending an out-wave through a generator in the software of the scanner. This out-wave similar to how an MRI interacts with the protons within your tissues, returns an in-wave from your body-fields.

Over decades and a lot of trial and error, NES has been able to establish what normal body-fields look like. Our software then reads this information from the returning wave and compares it to existing data within the software. In this way, we can detect energy blockages in your body fields.



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