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I have been a nurse for most of my career as I have always wanted to serve others. In 2009 I became a nurse practitioner and received my doctorate degree. Since that time I have built a successful practice serving the geriatric population.

As the years went by, more and more of my patients were suddenly my age and younger, and they were suffering from multiple chronic medical conditions. Unfortunately, traditional medicine has not focused on the root cause of these conditions, but has chosen to give drugs to treat symptoms, often with side effects that require more drugs to counter. The faults in this approach only became clearer as my career carried on, but due to medical regulations, and insurance companies, my hands were tied from doing anything else.


In December of 2016, I was introduced to the Primal Blueprint by my youngest son. After reading the book, I successfully completed the 30 day challenge, losing a stubborn 15 lbs, I had been unable to do in the previous 10 years. I saw such great results in my weight, health and attitude that I changed my lifestyle to follow the key primal concepts and the primal blue print laws. 

I was inspired to share this information with as many people as I can, so I completed my certification as a Primal Health Coach and am studying functional medicine along with holistic care. The improvements I have seen in my overall health and well-being have transformed my life and I can’t wait to help others to transform their own lives!

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